kgf to lbf

The full form for KGF is kilogram-force and for LBF is pound-force. Here in this article, we are going to explore these units, we will learn about them and will learn how to convert them to one another, like KGF to LBF and vice versa.

Before we study about KGF and LBF lets, understand the three units which come under these units

Kilograms is the SI unit for mass; this unit is used to measure the amount of substance present in one body.

kgf to lbf

Force:- force is any push or pulls experienced by anybody. Or we can say an activity which makes the body change its state.   

Pound: – a pound is again a unit which is used to measure the amount of substance in a body.

What is KGF (kilogram-force)

  •    One kilogram-force is equal to 9.05 Newton, this means that when there is a force of 9.05 newton is experienced by anybody we can say that there is a force of one kilogram-force.
  •    This can also be defined as the force which is extorted by a body which is having a mass of one kilogram.
  •    The thing which is to know is that kilopond is another name given to this unit.

What is LBF (pound-force)

  •    The pound-force is in value equal to a mass of one kilogram which is multiplied by the standard acceleration due to gravity on earth.
  •    The amount of the pound-force is equal to 32.174 ft/square.
  •    This is one of the most used units under these conditions.

Conversion, here is that equation using which you can convert KGF to LBF and vice versa.

  •    One KFG is equal to 2.20 LBF
  •    One LBF is equal to 0.45 KGF