Kelvin to Rankine


First, we know about the conversion formula of Kelvin to Rankine. Here, the method is written below, with the help of method you will convert them. In this article let’s understand what Kevin and ranking are? And try to learn how to turn them

Kelvin to Rankine

   Convert  100 degrees Kelvin to degrees Rankine

   After putting the value in the above formula we get the answer is 180 R. this way you convert Kelvin to Rankine and vice versa without any issue, but remember to pay attention to the conversion which you are doing it.


  •    The temperature T in degrees Rankine (°R) is equal to the temperature T in Kelvin (K) times 5/9. In many application, you have asked how to convert Kelvin into Rankine. So, we have to know about conversion. First, we explain the formula which we wrote below T(K) is the temperature in Kelvin and T(R) is the temperature in Rankine.


  •    The Rankine scale was proposed by Scottish Engineer and physicist William John Macquorn Rankine in 1859. It is used for scientific calculation. The Kelvin is a base unit of the International System and it is used for measuring thermodynamic temperature. Both the temperature are related by the scale factor 1R (5/9)K. The Temperature on the Kelvin scale is not harmful because William Kelvin decided to place zero on his level as the lowest temperature possible. The zero on the Kelvin scale represents the Absolute Zero.



                            T(k) * 5/9= T(R)

In this formula, the T(K) represents the temperature in Kelvin and T(R) represent the temperature in Rankine. To convert the given value into Rankine first one has to know about this symbol that is written in the above formula.