Kelvin to Fahrenheit

In this article we have to know about how to convert Kelvin into Fahrenheit, we try to explain each step of calculation in this article. The temperature T in Fahrenheit (F) is equal to the temperature T in degrees Kelvin (°K) multiply.

Kelvin to Fahrenheit

Kelvin is the SI unit which is used in the measurement of temperature, well Kelvin is the only unit which has no negative reading. This is something interesting to know about the Kelvin scale, and in addition to this, the Kelvin scale is mainly used in the experiments. And Fahrenheit is the unit which is primarily considered when we want to provide information which is related to weather.

Kelvin and Fahrenheit, both these units have their importance in the thermodynamic concept of heat and temperature.


9/5 multiplication and subtract 459.67.

(T(K) * 9/5) – 459.67=T(°F), this is the formula using which you can convert.


T(K)=Temperature in Kelvin

T(F)=Temperature in Fahrenheit


Step 1: we see the given temperature is in the same unit or not if we should first convert it into a given unit.

Step 2: In this step, we put the given value of temperature in the given formula.

Step 3: In step 3 we do calculation very carefully to get the correct answer.

For Example

  •    Convert 100 degrees Kelvin to degrees Fahrenheit:
  •    First, we put the 310.93 degrees Kelvin in the above formula and do an appropriate calculation and get the result
  •     The answer is 100 degrees Fahrenheit, this is a straightforward task, in this similar way you can also convert Kelvin to Fahrenheit and vice versa of it.
  •    Take care of calculation, units and process while you are doing the conversion.