Kelvin to Celsius

Kelvin and Celsius, both these units are used for temperature measurement, well both these units are very important unit considering temperature measurement. Here in this article, we will first define what is a Kelvin? And what a Celsius is? And at the end, we will use the conversion factor to convert Kelvin into Celsius and vice versa.

Kelvin to Celsius

Well, Kelvin is the unit of temperature, and the thing which we have to consider about this unit is that this unit is SI unit of temperature measurement and it is the only unit in temperature measurement which has no negative reading.

The Kelvin scale starts from zero and goes on. The primary use of this unit is seen is the field of experiment.  

Temperature is the measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in an object, which is the type of energy associated with motion. The temperature depends on the Kinetic energy of particles. The Celsius and Fahrenheit is the temperature measuring scales.

The Kelvin is the base unit of temperature in the International System of all Units. The Kelvin scale is used in conjunction with the degrees Celsius.


 Convert Kelvin to Celsius

 The temperature T in degrees Kelvin (k) is equal to the temperature T in Celsius (K) plus 273.15.


T(K) = T(C) + 273.15

For Example

  •    Convert 100  Kelvin to Celsius
  •    In this example, we convert 100 degrees Kelvin into Celsius, where we put 100 degrees Kelvin in the given formula and get the answer -173.15.
  •    Kindly pay attention, while you are converting the unit since the process involves calculation, there are chances that you might get an error.