kbps to gbps

The kbps is the short form of kilobit per second, and the Gbps is the notation of the gigabit per second. If you want to convert any value of the kbps into the Gbps then use the converter to the calculator to save the cost, but in this article, we can give you some conversion of the universal values of the kbps.


Where the amount of the one kbps is equal to the 1.0E-6 Gbps. Now you need to enter the value of the data rate to find how gigabit in a second and how many kilobits in a second.

The Gbps and the kbps both are the non-SI units of the data transfer in the bit. There is 1.0E-6 gigabit in a second or in a kilobit per second which is 1 kilobit per second the value is equal to the 1.0E-6 gigabits per second. So if anyone wants to convert the profits from the kilobits to the gigabits per second, then you need to multiply the value of the kilobits per second with the 1.0E-6. There are so many online converters which are available on the internet to calculate the value and gives the converted values, you need to put them, and then you don’t have to figure, and you get the result by the help of this online converters.


  •    The value of the 1048576 kbps is equal to the 1 gbps.
  •    The value of the 2097152 kbps is equal to the 2 gbps.
  •    The value of the 3145728 kbps is equal to the 3 gbps.
  •    The value of the 5242880 kbps is equal to the 4 gbps.