kb to mb

The unit kb is defined as the digital information that consists of the eight bits; the unit kb is the short notation of the kilobyte. The value of the kb unit is equal to the 10^3 bytes, and it is also similar to the 1000 bytes. The unit kb is based on the byte which is derived from the word bit, and the kb is a unit which makes the use of the SI prefix.

kb to mb

Today the international electrotechnical commission defined the new name for the unit byte. this is used in the addition of the SI counterparts with that the SI prefix is used for the referencing of the 1000 bytes. The unit kilobyte or the kb is currently used in the referencing of the data storage, and it is used primarily for the particular storage media such as the hard drives, flash-based storage, and the DVD, these all are used by the unit kb.

The megabyte is the most common and the most useful unit of the internet and computer technology, the unit megabyte is commonly represented as the MB. This unit is based on the byte, which is derived from the same bit. and the MB is a unit which makes the use of the SI prefix, in the unit megabyte the prefix mega is ambiguous and the SI use of the name mega is indicated that a megabyte is equal to the 1000000 byte, but the base and the standard value of 1 MB is similar to the 1024 byte.

Here we provide you some conversion of the most common values and the fundamental values.


  •    The value of the 0.01 kb is equal to the 9.765625E-6 MB.
  •    The amount of the 0.1 kb is similar to the 9.76562E-5 MB.
  •    The value of the 1 kb is equal to the 0.0009765625 MB.