J to cal

Joule is defined as the unit of the energy, the energy which is transferred from an object when a one newton of the force has been applied to the object in the direction of the motion from the distance of the one meter. The joule is also defined as the energy which is dissipated to heat when the one ampere of the electric current is passed through from a resistance of 1 ohm in the one second. This has some representations which both are in the SI unit.

J to Cal

The joule is used currently used in the different variety of the scientific contexts. The practical example of the energy measurement which is in use for the joules which include the energy and the power which required to lift the object. The power is also released when the purpose is fall in the heat needed to rise in the temperature and the kinetic energy of the moving object.


A calorie is a unit of the energy which defines as the amount of the power which is required to increase the temperature of the 1 gram calorie which is equal to the 4.1868 joules. The significant value of the calorie is also known as the kilogram calorie which can be understood as the kilo-calorie; the amount is similar to the one thousand of the small calories. It is also sometimes referred to as the single calorie.


Here are some conversion of joule into calorie, the value of the 0.01 J is equal to the 0.0023900574 cal, the value of the 0.1 J is fair to the 0.0239005736 cal, the value of the 1 J is equal to the 0.2390057361, the value of the 3 J is similar to the 0.7170172084 cal, the value of the 5 J is identical to the 1.1950286807 cal.