hz to mhz

Hertz is the unit of the frequency of one of the cycles per second, and it is replaced the earlier term of the sequence per second. The US ordinary house electric supply is at the 60 Hertz. The broadcast of the transmission is at the much higher frequency rates. Usually, it is expressed in the kHz or the MHz. In the acoustic audio sound,

Hz to MHz

the range of hearing of human is from the 0 Hz to 20 kHz, the pitch of the middle C on the piano is 263 Hertz. The hertz is used frequently when describing the individual band for the audio equalizer.

The MHz is the short form of the megahertz, MHz is the unit of the alternating current or the electromagnetic wave frequency which is equal to the 1 million of the hertz. The MHz is mainly used to express the microprocessor clock speed. The unit MHz is used in the measurement of the bandwidth for the high-speed digital data, of the digital and analog video signals, and the signs of the spread spectrum. The digital signal which is having the bandwidth in the MHz, then it is related to the data speed in the bits per second (bps). But in general, the greater of the data speed, the more significant is the bandwidth.


Here are some value of the hertz and the conversion of these values into the megahertz

  • The value of the 0 Hz is equal to the 0 MHz,
  • The amount of the 1 Hz is equal to the 0.000001 MHz
  • The value of the 10 Hz is equal to the 0.00001 MHz
  • The value of the 100 Hz is equal to the 0.0001 MHz
  • The value of the 1000 Hz is equal to the 0.001 MHz.