hz to ghz

The GHz is the short form of the gigahertz; this unit is used for the measurement of the alternating current or the AC and the electromagnetic wave frequency which is equal to the one billion Hertz. This unit is used in the computer processor or the CPU; this unit is a clock frequency it is also known as the clock rate or the clock speed.

hz to GHz

When the oscillator circuit supplies the small amount of the electricity to the crystal in each second, this is measured in the kilohertz, megahertz, and gigahertz. The short form of the kilohertz is kHz, the short way of the megahertz is MHz, and the short kind of the gigahertz is GHz.

The first CPU operator in the kHz, for example, the first processor, the later processor operated in MHz, the processor was available in the speed of the 60 MHz to 300 MHz the higher value of the GHz number for the processor, the faster processor can be run and process data. The 1 GHz processor for the consumer computers was released in the March 2000 by the AMD and the Intel. Today the processors are reaching the 3.8 GHz or the higher speed with the multiple cores.  

Hertz is the unit of the frequency of the one cycle per second. This unit is also replaced with the earlier term of the cycle per seconds.

Here are some conversions of the values of the hertz into the gigahertz

  • The value of the 0 Hz is equal to the 0 GHz
  • The value of the 1 Hz is equal to the 10^-9 GHz
  • The value of the 10 Hz is equal to the 10^-8 GHz
  • The value of the 100 Hz, the value of the 1000 Hz is equal to the 10^-9 GHz.