hp to watts

Horsepower is the unit of the measurement of the power; it is the rate of the work which is done. The unit mechanical horsepower is also known as the imperial horsepower, and its value is defined as 745.7 watts, and the amount of the metric horsepower is equal to the 735.5 watts. The horsepower is a term which is adopted in the 18th century by the James watt which compares the output of the steam engines with the power of the draft horses.

hp to watts

The value of the horsepower unit is adopted by the Scottish engineer James watt; he is also the founder of the unit watt. In the one horsepower, the electronic equivalent is 74+6 watts in the international system of the units. The unit horsepower is the output shaft of the engine, turbines and any other machines like this. The horsepower is in the larger size for the reciprocating engines. The pressure of the cylinders also determines the value of this.


A watt is a unit of power, or it is the SI unit of power. The international system of the unit is defined as the derived unit which is 1 joule per second. This unit is used for quantifying the rate of energy transfer. The symbol of the unit is W, and the name is after James Watt. The unit watt is the named after the Scottish inventor James Watt, this unit is proposed initially by C.

William Siemens in August 1882, this unit is the practical system of the units. In October 1908 the international conference of the electric groups and the standard in the London, the unit watt was defined as equal to the 10^7 units.