How To Measure Your Waist

The size of your waist, is one of the useful number you can use in your day to day life, the size of your waists is helpful in providing your size so that you can choose the perfect size of clothes for you and in addition to this it also helps you in finding out what is your healthy weight. Here in this article, we will provide you a complete guide on how to measure your waist.

How To Measure Your Waist

  • the very first thing that you have to do is to remove your clothes, this will help you in getting an accurate measurement and in addition to this, you have to make sure that the tape with which you are trying to measure your waist rests on the bare stomach. You can just remove your T-shirt or you can simply roll your shirt and in addition to this, if you have your paints blocking you waists, you have to lower them a little so that you can ensure correct measurement.
  • in the next task you have to find out where is your waist, now in order to find that, you can use your fingers and find the top of your hips and at the base of your rib cage, where your waist is actually the fleshy section which you can get between the section of your body part.
  • Or else simple way to locate is that it is the part of your stomach just below your torso or it is just above the belly button.
  • Take the tap and wrap it around., the very first thing that you have to do is to stand straight, this is very important and in addition to this, you have to breathe the whole air inside you out. And hold the tape and make a circle around you and bring it back to the option where you had started. Here while you do that one thing to remember is that you should take the measuring tape parallel to the floor and addition to this keep in mind that the tape should not dig into your skin, this should not be tightly held.


  • Make sure that the tape with which you are measuring, should not be twisted anywhere and keep a double check at the back.
  • Now once again exhale out the air and check the reading on the tap and you need to keep it in mind that the zero points or the starting of the tape should touch the slack end of the tap.
  • The number which you are getting as reading is the measurement of your waist in inches/centimeter. The unit of measurement will differ on the type of tape you are using.
  • Checking the measurements, one of the best practise while we measure something is of checking whether we have got the correct result or not. in order to do so you can repeat the process again and take and reading, it will be good is the reading matches and if it doesn’t match and take the reading one more time and take the average value. This you can do by using a simple formula which is avg= sum of observation/ total number of observation.

Analyzing the result

  • A healthy man has its waist measurement is around 37 inches or we can say it has 94 cm.
  • And if you are women that your chest size should be around 31.5 for a healthy body.
  • Higher size of waste in women indicates the chances of type 2 diabetes and the chances of cancer.

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