How To Measure Your Hips

the size of your hips is one of the important size number you should always take care of, size of the hips not only helps in finding out what size of clothes will be perfect for you and in addition to this they are helpful in indicating your health, here in this section we have a complete step by step guide on how to measure your hips. Follow the guide which will help you get the correct size and in addition to this, we will also guide you on how to interpret the result for your health.

Steps to follow

  • the very first step is to get a full length of mirror, well-measuring hips is an easy task and when you use a mirror this will ensure that whatever tape you are using is not twisting or its not uneven and you are keeping tape at the right position, hence take a full body mirror and stand in the front of the mirror.


  • after this you need to take off your clothes, you have to remove your clothes which are blocking the way to measure your hips, remove or roll on your shirt and down your pant, this ensures you are getting a correct result.


  • after you have removed your clothes, you have come in the perfect position, for that you have to bring your feet’s together and you have to stand straight and in addition to this you have to remove the air out. This ensures that you are not getting any sort of bad posture, which will affect his measurement.

How To Measure Your Hips

  • here you have to take the measurement of your waist and the measurement of your hips, you waist the end part of your torso or in simple words it is where your torso ends and the place where your body dips in, your hips will come at the below parts of this dip, one thing to note is that your hips will always be wider than your waist and when you are measuring your hips you have to include your butts also.


  • In order to measure your hips, you need to find out which one is the widest point. Your measurement of hips should include the widest point of your hips, this is due to the reason that when we say that we are measuring hips we are measuring the widest part of your body.


  • Once you have located the widest point the next step in to place the tap on the point. here place the tape and when you are keeping the tape remember that the type of twisting or turning around at any point, start at a particular point and role the tape around you, in order to correctly measure, take the tip of the tape where it is starting and touch the point from where the tap is been started.


  • Take down the reading, this will be in term of inches or m or in centimeters and this will be depending on the type of tape you are using. After that you have taken the reading now you can use the reading in order to find the perfect size of your clothes or your outfits.


  • one of the best thing you can do which will help you to get the perfect result is that, take the reading multiple times, repeat the process multiple times and after which you have taken multiple reading take an average value of your hips, this will help you to get the best result.


Following this guide, you will be able to get the best result.  

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