How to calculate your BMI

BMI stands for body mass index and this is actually a measure of how much fat your body has with respect to your height.

Understanding BMI

BMI is the ratio at which your weight of the body is proportionated with your height and your weight, this helps us to find out the many this such as your fat percentage, muscle health etc.

  • BMI provides you a complete ratio of your fat percentage in your body which is compared with your height and your weight. Every human being has two types of fat one type of fat is good fat and another is bad fat.
  • Good fat is the amount of fat which a person should have and bad fat is the access of fat which a person has in his body.
  • Muscle density is another aspect which is determined using BMI. Muscle density is the mass or the weight of bone which a person has. This mainly states the health of the bone of a person.  

How to calculate your BMI?

Calculating BMI is a very easy task, there is no rocket science is finding BMI, this is one of the best and easy way you can use in order to check whether you are healthy or not?

  • In order to calculate your BMI you need to have your height, your weight hence before you calculate your BMI please have in your hand your true height and your true weight. Here one thing to keep in mind is that the amount of precision you will have while you calculate your height and your weight, it will help you to get precision in your BMI and in addition to this you should calculate your height in meter square and weight.
  • Once you have your weight and height then you can use your simple formula in order to calculate your BMI. BMI = weight in KG/ height in meter square, this means that you need to have your weight in KG and you have to divide this with height in meter square.

Understanding result

The result of BMI can be understood on the basis of the information given below.

  • If your BMI is between 18.5 to 24.9 this means that you are a healthy person.
  • If your BMI comes under 18.5 you are an underweight person you need to keep a check on your diet and add some of the things which contain high protein which will help you to gain muscles.
  • If your BMI goes above 24.9 this means that you are an overweight person and you need to work on your health, start doing more of physical activates and cut done high-fat products in your diet.

BMI, not effective for muscle builder, pregnant women or young children

  • BMI is not effective when we take muscle builder, pregnant women, and young children into consideration. this is due to the reason that, while we consider BMI we just take the weight of the person we don’t consider whether the weight is in muscle form or in fat form, muscles builder or person like athletes have high muscle and low-fat content, since there is high weight, therefore the BMI might come out to provide the wrong indication about the health.
  • Young children’s has low muscles and their weight is high with respect to their height, here this is the reason in young children’s also BMI doesn’t give accurate results.
  • Similar is the case of pregnant women, while they are pregnant, whatever weight they get is not their actual weight and hence, BMI gives the wrong indication about the health of the person.

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