How To Calculate WHR (Waist-to-Hip Ratio)

here in this section, we will provide you complete information about WHR( waist to hip ratio), firstly we will consider what is WHR and then we will provide you a complete guide on how to calculate WHR?.

 WHR is one of the way using which doctors try to find out whether you are overweight or not, after which you can find out how much your health is at risk? BMI and WHR both can be used in order to find whether you are getting overweighed or not but there is a difference between both of them, in BMI we take a ratio of your weight and your height while in WHR we consider the ratio of your waist circumference and your hip circumference.



  • The main purpose of WHR is to consider what is the fat percentage which is stored on your waist, hips and your buttocks?
  • here one thing to note is the fat stored at only one place can symbolize your health risk, for example, more fat stored in the midsection of your body which makes you look like apple shape, shows that you are more prone to diseases like, type 2 diabetes or premature death and many heart diseases.

Understanding WHR results, these are the standard which is defined by WHO (world health organization)

  • For a health men body the WHR should always be less than 0.9 and for women, the WHR should always be less than 0.85, form this standard to 1.0 we can consider it as moderate and there is a high health risk if this ratio goes higher than 1.0.

For women  

  • If the WHR is lower than 0.8 this you have better health and you have to maintain your health.
  • If your WHR is between the ranges of 0.8 to 0.85, then you have a moderate level of health risk, this you can consider by checking what you eat and all.
  • If your WHR is between 0.86 or higher then you have to give special attention to your body, you have a high health risk.

For men

  • If your WHR is lower than 0.95, you have good health.
  • If you have WHR between the ranges of 0.9 to 1, you need to keep a check at your health.
  • If you have WHR more then 1, you need to consult to a doctor, you are at high health risk.


  • This is very easy to calculate your WHR, you can do it with your own. This is one of the best and easiest way you can use in order to find out your health.
  • the very first thing that you have to check is that, you have to stand straight while you are taking measurement for WHR, this is very important, after that you are standing straight, release the air or in simple words breathe out, this is in order to maintain that you don’t get any wrong results.
  • Take a tape the measure the distance around the part where you have smallest waists. This is just above your belly button, this is the place which you can consider the waste of your circumference.


  • Now again stand straight and breathe out and measure the distance around the largest part of your waist, this is actually widest part of your buttocks, this is your hip circumference.


  • Now in order to calculate your WHR, all you have to do is to divide your reading as waist circumference by your hip circumference. The formula is WHR = measured waist circumference/ measured hip circumference.



  • One thing to make a note is that both the measurement you do should be in the same units, otherwise this will bring out the wrong result and you will not get the correct indications.  


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