How Many Tablespoons Are In a Cup

This is something we all have experienced, in cooking recipes of many dishes, these two units tablespoons and cup are very common and frequent, here in this article we will talk about tablespoons and cup, we will try to understand them and we will try to find out how many tablespoons are in a cup? Understanding the difference between both of them and knowing what exactly their measure is will help us to make and understands recipe in a better way so that you will add the exact about of ingredients and your recipe will win hearts. tablespoons to cups

how many tablespoons are in a cup

  • Tablespoon is actually a serving unit which is extensively used in eating and serving, in some of the English-speaking places, large spoon of fixed size is considered as one tablespoon, tablespoon is the unit which is used to indicate a certain amount of unit in cooking, this is actually a capacity of one large spoon which is represented by tbsp.

What is a Tablespoon?

  • The unit of tablespoon varies a lot with respect to region to region. When we consider unites states the tablespoon is actually equal to 14.8 ML and in the countries like the United Kingdom or Canada one tablespoon is considered exactly equal to 15ml. when we consider Australia one tablespoon is the unit equal to 20ml and this way it differs from region to region.


  • One interesting story related to a tablespoon is that in the time before 1700. This is mandatory to all the Europeans to bring a spoon with them and this was as normal as to carrying wallets, purse watches etc. this was the reason form 1700 the spoons was started becomes famous as tablespoons.  


  • In addition to a tablespoon, there are many spoons like dessert-spoon, soup spoon etc. but the primary use of these spoons is to eat from the bowl.

What is a cup?

  • A cup is a unit which is used for the measurement, particularly in the field of cooking and serving. A cup is a customary unit which is equal to the volume which is equal to half of the liquid pint.  


  • In the metric system of unit a cup is equal to 1/4th of a liter or we can say that one cup is equal to 250 ml. this is due to the reason that the actual size of drinking cups differs greatly in size around the world, hence we made a particular volume which will be accepted by all.


There are many other units which are associated with a cup.  

  • Japanese cup:-  this was defined in the year 1891, one Japanese cup unit is equal to 180 ml of volume and unit is still in use which is used in order to cook rice etc. this unit has been raised and nowadays one Japanese cup is equal to 200 milliliters  

  • Russian cup: – one Russian cup is actually equal to 123 ml or we can equate it with 4.16 US fl of volume.




  • Legal cup:- a legal cup is a cup unit which is actually in use in United states, this unit is mainly used for labelling nutrition’s, one legal cup is equal to 240 ml of volume.
  • In addition to this, there are many units of the cup which are used around the world and have different units of volume measurement.


How many tablespoon in a cup?

One cup is equal to 100 table spoon, this means that in order to fill one standard cup you need to have 16 tablespoon of cooking ingredients.

The equation is 1 cup = 16 tablespoon, you can use this equation in order to convert cup to a tablespoon and vice versa.  

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