how many seconds in a year

The answer to this question is straightforward. You don’t need to use any calculator or so to do the thing. Here in section, we will not only try to find out the answer for how many seconds in a year but in addition to this, we will try to understand the concept of seconds an idea of the year. And after which we will provide you equation using which you will not only be able to find how many seconds in a year but in addition to this you will be able to convert seconds into years and vice versa. Before we start a discussion, one of the thing that we all should know is that the reason why we need to have so many units for the same quantity, this is because we cannot measure the volume only with a single group.second to year

how many seconds in a year

What is the second?

  • The very first thing that you have to consider is that seconds is the SI unit of time. And time is the fundamental quantity which is used to derive another amount.
  • Now can also understand time as it is the 1/60 part of a second. This means that if you take time duration of 1 minute and then divide this duration into 60 pieces, then one span which you will get is equal to one second.
  • One of the practical ways to understand the time duration of a second is that you consider a watch. Every watch has three hands, feel the hand which measures time in terms of seconds. Here watch the seconds hand this second hand will start and then it will give a pause and then it will start again. Then the time elapsed between one stop and then another stop is considered as one second.
  • Seconds is a tiny unit of time but has high use; seconds is used in sports, experimentation and the places where every minute time interval has to be measured.

What is the year?

  •  The year is the unit of time which is used to measure a complete orbit of the earth around the sun. In simple words, we can say that it is the time which the planet takes to rotate around the sun.
  • In terms of the calendar, we can say that a year is equal to a set of 365 days. To understand this all, you have to take a day and multiply the time duration with 365 and the whole time duration is taken together you will get you a complete year.
  • In addition to this normal year, this is one more year which is known as a leap year. Under this year you will have a set of 366 days, one day more than the average year, this is because to do whole rotation earth takes 6 hours more which are added and counted as one day in every four years.
  • Years in terms of the month can be considered as equal to 12 months; this means that in a year there are 12 months. The year is a combination of many seasons which comes around in the whole year. And in addition to this, a year has very high importance since this unit of time is one of the most used group for a time.

How many seconds in a year?

This section is a conversion equation. We can use this equation to convert seconds into years or vice versa.
Hence, one year = 3153600 seconds,

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