How Many Feet Are In a Mile

feet and miles both the are units are area unit, the main difference between feet and mile is that feet are a small length and mile is a large length or in simple words one foot is equal to 30 CM and one mile is equal to 1.6 Km which is a very large differences, here in this article we will provide you a complete guide on feet and mile, here first we will learn about feet and then we will try to understand what is a mile and finally we will try to compare both the units and find out how many feet are in a mile? feet to miles

how many feet are in a mile?

What are the feet?

  • Feet is the unit which is represented by it. it is the unit for the length which is mainly used in the US customary system of measurement. In early day foot was considered as the part of some of the local system of units, this system includes Greek, Roman Chinese, French and many more, initially the length of the feet was between 250 mm to 335 mm.
  • internationally one foot is defined as exactly equal to 0.30 meters of length, in order to understand this take one meter of length and take out 0.30 percent of length, whatever amount of length you have is equal to one foot.
  • The foot is defined differently in different places like in US one foot is defined as 12 inches, this means that take one inch of length and multiply the length by 12 whatever length you will get is equal to one foot.
  • There is one of the most important foot, this is known as survey foot, and this was defined in the year 1957 and is used especially in countries like the US and India. Yet there is not much difference in both the units.

What is the mile?

    • A mile is an English unit, one mile the length which is equal to 1,760 yards this means that you need to arrange 1,760 yards together in a straight line in order to make a length of one mile. You can also say that one mile comprises of 1,609.344 meters.
    • Symbol mi is used in order to denote mile and under mile there are many units like the Roman mile, nautical miles, and Italian mile.

  • Roman mile:- one Roman mile is equal to a thousand paces, you need to arrange thousand miles together in a straight line in order to make one Roman mile.


  • Italian mile:- this unit of miles is the distance which is again equal to 1000 paces.
  • British and Irish miles are the mile units whose length is equal to 1.9 times one kilometer, this means that take one kilometer on length and multiply it by 1.9 and the length which you will get is equal to one British unit.

How many feet’s are in a mile?

here in this section, we will provide you equation using which you can consider how many feet you can make using one mile of length and in addition to this you can also use this equation in order to convert feet’s and miles into one another

  • one feet is equal to 0.000189 miles
  • One mile is equal to 5280 feet.

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