Hectare To Acre

As we all know, we cannot use a single unit for calculation of one particular quantity, for example, we cannot use meter unit for calculation of the distance between two cites and finding the length of a needle, here we have to use a different unit for calculation of same physical quantity. Hence in this section, we will tell you what is a hectare and what is an acre and what is the difference between the two and finally, we will tell you how to convert these units into one another.

Hectare To Acre

Hectare and acre are the units which is used to calculate area, while the area is a two-dimensional quantity and is the measure of how much space a two-dimensional body is covering. In the section, we will provide you information about how to convert a hectare unit to acre unit.


When we talk about hectare unit, a hectare is equal to 1/100th of a square kilometer, it means that if you have an area of 1 square kilometer and then you divide that area into 100 equal parts, then the single part is said to be the one-hectare area.

Hectare is taken into consideration when we talk about the area in terms of square kilometers


When we talk about Acre, it is actually the unit of area which is equal to 1/640th of square miles. it means that if we have an area section which is equal to 1 square mile, then is we divide the whole into 640 equal parts then the single part will be equal to 1 Acre

We take acre into consideration when we talk about the area in term of square miles.


You can use this simple relation in order to convert hectare into an acre, this is

  • 1 hectare is equal to 2.47 acres

  • 1 acre is equal to 0.5 hectares