gram to pound

Grams and pound are one of the widely used units, for the measurement of mass purpose. Grams and pound are the units which we are going to consider in this article, we will try to understand their concept, and in addition to this,

gram to pound

we will try to find out how to convert from grams to pounds.  

What is a gram?

A gram is the basic unit of mass that is the matter contained in the body. Here are some conversion to understand the concept of gram clearly.

  •    One gram is 1/1000 of kilograms.
  •    One gram is equal to 10^3 milligrams.
  •    One gram is equal to 10^6 micrograms.
  •    g is the symbol which is used to express grams

What is a pound?

A pound is another unit which is used to measure about of matter in any body

The symbol which we use for expressing pounds is lb.  

Well in every 1000 g there is 2.204 lb. of mass.

Conversion, in this section we will focus on how to convert grams to pound for the purpose let’s consider

  •    One gram is equal to 0.0022 lb.
  •    Let’s take up an example to understand this, suppose that we need to convert 3 grams of mass into its pound equivalent, to do this we need to take first what is the gram and pound equivalent.
  •    One gram = 0.0022 lb. after that we have got it, take the value of grams and multiply it with gram pound equivalent, that is 3 x 0.0022 lb., the result will be 0.0066 lb. of mass.
  •     Similarly, we can say that 4 gram is equal to 0.0088 lb. When grams is taken into pound equivalent.