gram to microgram

Here in this article we will talk about mass units, mass is the inherent property of matter. which can neither be created nor be destroyed, yet mass can be changed from one form to another form, with this law we can conclude that mass is one of the most critical units which we can consider to study. Here we will talk about grams and micrograms both of which are unit of mass and are used when the mass to measure is very small.

gram to microgram

Let’s start a discussion about a gram. Well, a gram is a tiny unit of mass, to understand what gram is let’s take an example, we all eat roti’s which are made of wheat.  Now find a wheat grain and try to observe the mass of that wheat, you will be amazed to know that the mass of that wheat grain is somewhat equal to one gram, we can define gram as similar to the 1/1000th part of one kilogram, which is very small.

Then let’s consider the same example, let’s retake the wheat grain, now imagine that you need to divide the mass of that grain into ten xE6 parts, well this is unimaginable, that is the value of one microgram, this indicates that one microgram is the tiny unit.

Compare both the units, grams, and micrograms, and you will find that in term of grams, one microgram is unimaginable.

Now let’s try to convert grams to micrograms, one gram is equal to 10 x E6 micrograms, well gram is a large unit in terms of micrograms. To save, you have to give a multiple 10 x E6 to the gram value and your conversion will be done.