gradian to degree

Gradian is the unit of measurement of an angle, and it is equal to 1/400 of turn to 9/10 of degree. There are 100 radians in the right corner. The degree has used for the measurement of the plane angle, the full rotation of any degree is 360.

Gradian to degree

The radian is the unit oriented in connection with any french revolution is at the grade, with the metric system. This is referred to a metric degree, because of the confusion of the existing term grad in the northern European countries. The general introduction of gradian has been made; the unit has been adopted in a few countries for some specialized measurement. In the year of 1970 and 1980 the most of the scientific calculators offer for there trigonometric function the grad and as well as the radian and degree also, but in the year 2010 few of them are lack because of the support of gradian.


Each of the quadrants is in arrange of 100 gons, which can recognize the four quadrants. The advantage of this unit is that the right angle of any given angle can be readily determined. The disadvantage of this unit is that common angle of the 30, and 60 degrees in geometry can be expressed in friction, and similarly in 1 hour the rotation of the earth by 15 degrees or 16*2/3gon.


The conversion of 0 gradians in the degree is 0 degree, and the 100 gradian is equal to the 90 degrees. The transformation of 200 gradians in the degree is equivalent to 180, and the conversion of 30 gradians is equal to 270 degrees same as the conversion of 400 gradians is equal to 360 degrees. The 400 gradian is also similar to the one full round of any degree.