gigabytes to megabytes

This is the article which is a complete guide on how to convert gigabytes to megabytes; we will completely understand about gigabytes and megabytes. Knowledge of gigabyte and megabyte is essential since these units are used to measure data. Which is a whole heart of information technology? The raw facts and we can say unprocessed or processed information is considered as data.

gigabytes to megabytes

Both gigabytes and megabytes are the units which are based on bytes, where bytes is the basic unit which is used to measure data. A byte is a collection of 8 bits which indicates some information.

What is a gigabyte?

Open you’re PC and find a fantastic game, open up the game properties and you will find that the size of the game is in terms of Gigabyte, this is a real-life example of gigabyte, and the thing which you should consider about gigabyte is that GB is that symbol which is used to find a gigabyte.  

A gigabyte is equal to a set of 1024 megabyte, or a complete game of 1024 megabyte is equal to gigabyte

What is a megabyte?

  •    A megabyte is similar to a collection of 1024 kilobyte, or we can say that complete set when considered which is equal to 1024 kilobyte makes one megabyte.
  •    A megabyte has 1024 x 1024 bytes, well that is a large number of bytes.



One gigabyte is equal to 1024 megabytes, now to convert gigabyte to megabyte, all you have to do is what the number of megabytes you have taken the name, give a multiple to the megabyte equivalent of gigabyte that is 1024 to it, your result will be the conversion of gigabytes to megabytes.