gigabits to megabits

A bit is the smallest unit for memory when 8 bits come together; they make a total of a byte. Both unit’s gigabits and megabits are used for data speed measurement and are of the most extensively used group for analysis. One of the most important things to consider is that both these unit’s gigabits and megabits both are the units which are the successor for bit memory. Here in this article, we will find gigabits and megabits mainly,

gigabits to megabits

will try to understand what they are and finally at the end we will try to use conversion equation to convert gigabits to megabit and megabits to gigabits.

They are the unit of data and are used to store, measure the digital data.

What is a gigabit?

Gigabits is the successor unit for bits, when 1024 bits come together they make kilobits when 1024 kilobit comes along they form a megabit, when 1024 megabits come together they make a gigabit, this is the unit which we are considering.

What is Megabit?

A megabit is a unit which is equal to 1024 x 1024 bits, well this is a huge unit to consider. Again a megabit is the successor unit which is a high group on the internet.


Here in this section, we will learn how to convert gigabits to megabits, for that we will require equation.

Equation: – one gigabit = 1024 megabit,

  •    Now suppose we need to consider, 12 Gigabits and we need to convert this unit into Megabit. For that purpose, all we have to do is to, take the gigabits and multiply it with the equal in terms megabits, for that.


  •    12 gigabits x 1024 megabits = 12,288 megabits. Hence we can say that 12 gigabits of memory is equal to 12,288 megabits per seconds.