gb to tb

A gb is the most common notation of the unit gigabyte; a gigabyte is one of the most common and useful units in digital information. The value of the unit GB is equal to 1000000000 bytes. In computer operating science this value is replaced by the value which is one GB is similar to the 2^30 byte it is also identical to the 1073741824 bytes.

gb to tb

The unit GB is also used for indicating the size of memory and the size of the movies of computer RAM. The amount of information which is stored in a single layer DVD, which is equal to the 4.8 GB. The GB is a unit which is based on byte, it is derived from the bit. The prefix used in this unit is the international system of the group. The unit GB is the most common understanding in terms of the decimal definition of the 1000^3 byte

A terabyte is a unit which is commonly represented by the TB, this is the unit of the measurement of terms for the data storage capacity, the value of the byte in a terabyte is represented by the multiplied of 1.0995*10^12. The difference between the long-standing tradition by the user of the binary prefix arises, and the base of the computer world. The most popular decimal standard that is adopted by both of the outsides of the computer industries.

The capacity of computer storage devices is advertised by using of the SI standard value. The position which is reported by the software operating system uses binary values. The NTFS formatted unit TB hard drive which shows 931 GB of free storage and which is usable storage space under the windows XP.


  •    The value of the one GB is equal to the 0.001 TB.
  •    The amount of the two GB is similar to the 0.002 TB.
  •    The value of the three GB is equal to 0.003 TB.
  •    The value of the four GB is equal to 0.004 TB.
  •    The amount of the five GB is similar to the 0.005 TB.