gb to mb

The unit gigabyte is represented by the symbol of GB, which is the most common and the most useful unit in the digital information. The value of this unit is equal to the 1000000000 bytes. In the computer operating science, the importance of this unit is replaced to the 2^30 byte which is similar to the 1073741824 bytes.

gb to mb

The unit GB is mainly used in the indicating of the size of the memory and scope of the movies, of computer RAM. The amount of information which is stored in the single layer of the DVD is equal to the 4.8 bytes. The unit GB is currently used in the unit of bytes, and the multiplier is used as the worldwide for the storage of the data. The computer files, hard disks, blue ray disks, video games and so more are also stored in the unity GB.

The megabyte is the most common and useful unit of the internet and computer technology; this unit is commonly represented as the symbol MB. The unit MB is based on the byte. which is derived from the bit.

The mb is a unit which makes the use of SI prefix. In the unit megabyte, a prefix mega is, and SI use of designation mega is indicated that a megabyte is equal to the 1000000 bytes, but the base and universal value of 1 MB is similar to the 1024 byte. The unit megabyte is currently used in the storage of the data and the files sizes, like documents, photos, and video games, etc.


  •    The value of the 0.01 GB is equal to the 10.24 MB.
  •    The amount of the 0.1 GB is similar to the 102.4 mb.
  •    The value of the 1 gb is equal to the 1024 mb.
  •    The value of the 2 gb is equal to the 2048 mb.
  •    The value of the 3 gb is equal to the 3072 mb.
  •    The value of the gb is equal to the 5120 mb.
  •    The value of the 10 gb is equal to the 10240 mb.