gb to kb

A GB is the notation of the unit gigabyte, a gigabyte is the most common and useful unit in the digital information. The value of unit gb is equal to 1000000000 bytes. In computer operating science the value of the GB is replaced by the value which is 1 Gb and is equal to the 2^30 byte it is equal to the 1073741824 bytes also. The unit gb is also used for indicating the size of memory and size of movies of computer RAM.

gb to kb

The amount of information stored in the single layer DVD, which is equal to the 4.8 gb. The gb unit which is a unit which is based on byte, it is derived from the bit. The prefix which is used in this unit is the international system of the unit. The gb unit is the most commonly understood in the terms of the decimal definition of the 1000^3 byte.

A kb is defined as the digital information which consists the eight bits, the unit kb is a short notation of the unit kilobyte. The value of the unit kb unit is equal to 10^3 bytes, this value is also equal to 1000 bytes. A unit kb is based on byte which is derived from the bit, and the unit kb which makes the use of the SI prefix. Today the international electrotechnical commission defined a new prefix for byte.

This is used in addition to SI counterparts with that the SI prefix is used for the referencing of the 1000 bytes. The unit kilobyte is currently used in referencing of the data storage, it is mainly used for the particular storage media such as hard drives, flash-based storage, and the DVD, these all are used by the unit kb.


  • The value of the 1 gb is equal to the 1e+6 kb.
  • The value of the 2 gb is equal to the 2e+6 kb.
  • The value of the 3 gb is equal to the 3e+6 kb.
  • The value of the 4 gb is equal to the 4e+6 kb.

The value of the 5 gb is equal to the 5e+6 kb.