gallons to cubic inches

A Gallon is a unit which used in the measurement of volume and the fluid capacity in the US customary unit and the British imperial system in both the analysis. There are three different sizes in the current user; the imperial gallon is defined as 4.54609 liters, this is used in the UK, Canada, and some other Caribbean nations.

gallons to cubic inches

The US gallon is defined as 231 cubic inches and the value is equal to 3.785 L, this is mainly used in the US and some Latin American and some other Caribbean countries. A gallon is a unit of the volume, and its symbol is the gal. The gallon has one definition which is currently in the imperial system, and two definitions in the US customary system.

The gallon and the cubic inches both of these units are used to measure fluid of the volume. The gallons are the imperial measurement and it can be commonly known as the symbol of gal, which is the main symbol of the unit gal. The symbol in^3 represents the cubic inches. The cubic inch is a volume of the cube with each of the three dimensions that is length, width, and the depth, which being in the one inch long. The unit cubic inches is still used as the unit of the volume in the US, here the central common SI unit of the volume is also used.


The value of the one gal is equal to the 230.999493 in^3, and if we want to calculate the other value of the gal into the cubic inches than we use this formula:

Cubic inches = Gallon * 230.999493, using this formula you can convert cubic inches to the gallon.