gallons to cubic feet

Gallon unit of the volume which specifically regarding liquid capacity in the both US customary and the imperial system of the measurement. The US gallon can be defined as the 231 in cubic inches, and the imperial gallon is used in UK, Canada and some of the other Caribbean nation, which is defined as the 4.54609 liters.

gallons to cubic feet

The unit gallon is divided into four different parts, and the quarts are divided into the two pints, and these pints are divided into two cups. The cup is equal to the two gills, and the making of one gallon is similar to the four quarts, eight points, sixteen cups, and the thirty-two gills. The unit gallon comes from the gallon in the old northern French and the developed and the system for measuring the wine and the beer in England, which is resulting in the measurement.

Cubic feet:

The cubic foot is a unit which is used for the measuring of the volume in the imperial and the US customary systems of the measurement which is defined as the volume of the cube with the side measurement which is equal to the 1728 cubic centimeters. The unit cubic feet is coming from the foot, and its definition is based on the international yard and it was adopted in the year of 1950, and in 1960, the exact value of the unit is equal to the 0.9144 m.


  •    The value of the 0.01 gal is equal to the 0.0013368056 ft^3.
  •    The amount of the 0.1 gals is similar to the 0.0133680556 ft^3.
  •    The value of the one gal is similar to the 0.1336805556 ft^3.
  •    The value of the five gals is equal to the 0.6684027778 ft^3.