Fuel Economy Converter

The total distance covered with the total amount of fuel which is used to travel is considered as the fuel economy of an automobile which is taken into consideration, generally in the automobile industries the amount of fuel consumption is considered in the form of fuel volume, and in addition this the Consumption is the term which is used to indicate the total volume of fuel which is used to travel the automobile from one position to other position.

Fuel consumption is the major factor in consideration of the performance and their statistics are major used in controlling pollution and an important part of total national foreign trade. This is very useful since it is used by many countries in order to impose thing and laws and another requirement for the fuel economy

Fuel Economy Converter

There are many methods which are used in order to approximate which type of performance the vehicle is going to give, here one amazing thing to note is that at this era we have electric cars which do n’t provide any sort of burning thing to charge the motor and in addition to this they are eco-friendly.


  • We use standard fixed fuel per distance In order to measure the fuel economy for example, what is the fuel economy for 100 liters for fuel.


  • Miles per gallon or mpg is again one of the most used units in order to measure the fuel economy, this unit is mainly used in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom and in addition to one of the most used is kilometer per liter.


  • Arab countries use a number of a kilometer per liter, this is also known as Tanaka which is actually a metal container which can be filled up to 209 liters.


  • Here one thing to consider is that in order to express one form of the unit into other you have to always keep the amount of distance as constant or you have to always keep the amount of fuel as constant. Here in this way, if the number is higher than the automobile is more efficient.



When the vehicle is in the motion then the total number of force which is acting on the body to be multiplied with the distance which is covered by the vehicle, this shows the total work done which the engine of the vehicle has to perform and in addition to this fuel economy consideration revolves a lot of force details and analysis.

Here one thing to understand is that the fuel economy of the automobile is directly proportional to the differentiation of the work done, which is actually the energy which the engine will produce and this will help us to find out the efficiency of the engine.

There are many factors like the force of friction, thermodynamics, and other internal and external forces and in addition to this braking forces effects the in total energy which is to produce by the engine.