Fahrenheit to Rankine

In these articles, we have to know about scales like Fahrenheit and Kelvin which is the temperature measuring scales and also, see in which field it is used. We have many units for the same quantity; this is due to the reason that depending on the situation we need to change the group to increase reliability.

Fahrenheit to Rankine

The Fahrenheit scale is created by German-born scientist or Physicist Gabriel Daniel in 1724. The Fahrenheit temperature the call is primarily used in the United States. It is a scale on which water boils at 212 degrees and water freezes at 32 degrees under standard conditions. The Rankine scale is proposed in 1859 by the Glasgow University engineer and physicist

William John Macqueen Rankine. It is used where heat computation is done using degrees Fahrenheit. The Rankine scale is used where an absolute level in Fahrenheit units is required.

   Convert Fahrenheit to Rankine

The temperature T in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) is equal to the temperature T in Rankine (°R) minus 459.67:

 T(°F) = T(°R) – 459.67, this is the formula which we have to consider, to convert from Fahrenheit to Rankine. Take the Fahrenheit value and put it in the method and solve accordingly your conversion will be done.  

 For Example

  •    Convert 140.33 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Rankine.
  •     We put the 140.33 degrees Fahrenheit in the given formula and get the result after doing a simple calculation
  •     The answer is 60 degrees, Rankine.


  •    Use proper unit, since is you are not writing proper unit, the values are meaningless.
  •    Conversion involves calculation; all you have to do is to give your special attention while you are converting one unit to another unit.