Fahrenheit to Kelvin

Fahrenheit and Kelvin both are temperature related unit, so first, we know about temperature. Temperature is a measure of Determining how hot and hot something is. Now, we have to know about Kelvin and Fahrenheit scales, Kelvin is a scale of temperature with a triple point of water as exactly 273.14 degrees, and it is the scale of temperature with absolute zero as zero.

Fahrenheit to Kelvin

Kelvin scale is the primary unit of the temperature used in the physical sciences, and it is also used in Astronomy. At absolute zero it is used as the same unit as Celsius. The meaning of Kelvin is Riverman.

Fahrenheit and Kelvin both these units are widely used to measure temperature. And the thing which we should consider is that Kelvin is the SI unit, which is widely accepted for the measurement of temperature.


  •    Convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin
  •    The Temperature in T(k) is equal to the Temperature in T(F) times 9/5 subtract – 459.67, this says that in order to convert Fahrenheit to Kelvin all you have to do is to take the temperature and multiply it with 9/5 after that you get the result to subtract 459.67 form it, this is the way you can convert it.


       T(F) = T(K) * 9/5 – 459.67

For Example

  •    Convert 20 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Kelvin.
  •    First, we put the given Fahrenheit temperature in the formula and do the necessary calculation to get the answer 266.48 k.
  •    The Main thing which you have to take care if you use the conversion formula correctly, since all the conversion rest on formula only.
  •    Try paying special attention when you are converting since this will include calculation.