Energy Converter

Energy can be understood has been able to work, and the work is defined as moving something in a particular period of time. Hence if you are moving something against any sort of force, to do that you require energy, hence in order to understand what actually energy is you can imagine if something is moving it is because of energy.

Energy Converter

The basic law with which is very important to understand energy is that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be changed from one form to another that is the reason energy is available in many forms, in general, there are two kinds of energy kinetic energy and potential energy, kinetic energy is possessed by every moving body and potential energy is something which is stored in it which can be used for its movement

  • Any sort of body which is moving possess kinetic energy
  • a ball which is thrown at the top has potential energy which it uses to come back from the top point where it can reach

In addition to this energy is everywhere, some of the examples are energy are heat energy, electrical energy, potential energy etc.

energy is everywhere form big- big stars to smallest particles electrons and protons, all are some of the other forms of energy and according to Einstein’s famous equation E=MxCxC, it says that mass is equal to energy, which ultimately indicated that everything which is available in the universe is all energy.

Examples of energy

  • the food which we eat provides us require energy to move and live
  • in order TV to work, we require electrical energy
  • the bulb which glows used electricity in order to glow
  • automobiles extract energy from fossil fuel, to move
  • the food which we cook requires heat, which is an example of heat energy


The SI unit of energy is joule, and 1 joule is the amount of energy when 1 watt of energy is used per second

I joule of energy is defined as the amount of energy which is required to raise the temperature of water by one degree at the standard conditions

In addition to joule, one more frequently used unit of Watt, it is actually the unit of power which is energy per unit time, and here you can convert the power unit to energy unit all you have to do it to multiply by second or any other time unit.

A calorie is again one of the most used units, which is equal to 4.1868 J, this is energy used to measure heat energy

This is not tough to convert this unit into one another, all you have to know their equivalent and this way you can convert them.

Ways to calculate energy  

  • kinetic energy, it is the energy passed by a moving body, that is E= (MxVxV)/2

  • potential energy is that energy which is filled in the body which you can use any time, this is equal to MGH, where m is mass, g is the gravity and h is the height of the body at which the body is placed.



  1. Work is one of the most used forms of energy which can be found by finding the dot product of displacement and force.