Electricity Converter

Electricity is defined as the fundamental form of energy which can be observed in the form of flowing negative and positive charges which can be occurred naturally and can be produced.

Now in order to understand what electricity is you need to under the concept of charges, charges are the inherent property of matter which can neither be created nor be destroyed, movement of these charges irrespective of positive and negative constitute electricity.

Electricity or current can also be defined as the rate of flow of charges, and one unit of electricity is provided when 1 coulomb of charge flows for 1 second.

Electricity calculator

One of the amazing fact about electricity is used for the production of magnetism and magnetism is used to produce electricity. And in addition to this electric current are available in two forms one in alternate current form and another one in direct current form.

Electricity is one of the forms of energy which can be transported from one place to other via wires or it can be used for producing heat and light and also to run machines, which makes it one of the most common way in which we use energy today.

Electricity measurement  

the very basic unit which we use electricity is kilowatt hours, in a simple language electricity is the amount of energy which is used by al kilowatt electric appliance for a time duration of one hour or we can say the one kilowatt electricity is the electricity used by ten 100 watt light bulbs which were in operation for one hour.

SI unit

The SI unit of electric current is ampere, which was introduced while we were studying magnetism. Electric current in the wire, in turn, produces magnetic fields and these magnetic fields are the cause of magnetic forces which are produced due to the flow of current in current carrying conductor.

Here according to magnetism if two current carrying conductors which are parallel to each other keep on exerting force on each other hence, one ampere is the amount of current which is require to produce an equal force of 2×10^-7 N/m in which we don’t consider the area of cross-section and the distance between these two wire is 1 meter and are placed in vacuum.

Another way in which we can define ampere is in term of Coulomb and using the relation between the current and charges you can find out the current.

Coulomb is the SI unit of the charge, whose flow makes electricity possible. Here we say the current or electricity flowing in any wire is equal to 1 ampere when the 1 coulomb of charge flow through the wire in one second.

1 A = 1 C/SEC or this can also be stated as 1 C= 1A.sec

Another way to find the electricity is

  1. Watt: it is the unit of power which is the amount of energy which is required to do one unit of work.

1 watt = 1 joule/second

  1. volt, it is the SI unit of potential difference, using potential difference and power we have a relation which can be used to find electricity which is

1 volt= 1 watt/ampere