degrees to radians

Today in this article we can discuss the conversion of a degree into the radian. The degree is the unit of arc measure or the angle measure, and it is equal to 60 minutes, 3600 seconds or 0.017 rad or 1/360th of any circle. The degree is the unit used for the measurement of the plane angle, the full rotation of any degree is 360.

Degrees to radians

The story behind choosing the degree as the unit of the rotation and the angle is unknown. However, someone relates it to that fact that 360 is approximately that number of days in the year. The subdivision of the circle by using the angle in the similar triangle to the primary unit and then further subdivided it into 60 parts which follow the sexagesimal numerical system. The earlier trigonometry system was used by the Babylonian (an astronomer).

The Greek successors have also used in this system and were based on a circle. A chord of the length is equal to the extent which is similar to the radius which is made by a natural base quantity. The division of any circle in 360 parts which also occurred in ancient India. This is the case that is more than one factor has to be pay. According to this theory, 365 numbers are found, just because of the apparent movement of the sun against to celestial sphere.


The conversion of 0 degrees into the radian is 0, and the 15 degree is 3.141/12, and the value of 30 degrees in radian is 3.141/6. The translation of 45 degrees in the radian is 3.141/4, and the conversion of the 57.3 degrees is equal to the 1 radian. The value of the 90 degrees 3.141/2 and the importance of 180 degrees is equal to 3.141. The amount of 360 degrees is equivalent to 2*3.141.