degree to gradian

The degree is the unit used for the measurement of the plane angle, the full rotation of any degree is 360, and the degree is not an SI unit, but it has been written in the brochure as the current unit. Gradian is the unit of measurement of an angle, and it is equal to 1/400 of turn to 9/10 of degree. There are 100 gradians in the right corner.

Degree to gradian

The story behind choosing the degree as the unit of the rotation and the angle is unknown. However, someone relates it to that fact that 360 is approximately that number of days in the year. Ancient astronomers think about that the sun which is followed to the ecliptic path over the year. Some old calendars used 360 for one year, such as the Persian calendar. The use of this calenders with the use of 360 days in a year may be the relation of the use of the sexagesimal numbers. The gradian is used in the surveying also in some of the parts of the world.


The degree is also the unit of arc measure or the angle measure, and it is equal to 60 minutes, 3600 seconds or 0.017 rad or 1/360th of any circle. The value of 1 degree is 1.111 in gradian. Gradian is an angular unit which is equal to the 1/400th of the turn or 9/10 of the degree.


The value of the 0 degrees is equal to the 0 gradians, and the 15 degree is equivalent to 16*2/3 gradian. The amount of 36 degrees in the gradian is 40 gradian, and the conversion of the 45 degrees is equal to 50 radians. The translation of the 72 degrees in gradian is 80 gradian, and the 90 degree is equivalent to 100 radians. The 360 degree is equal to the 400 gradians.