cubic meters to gallons

A cubic meter is a basic unit if the volume of the CGS system of the units. The symbol of this unit is m^3; The cubic meter is the volume of the cube with the one meter in length. The alternative name of this unit is allowed with the different usage by the metric prefix, and it was still used in sometimes for the dry measure

cubic meters to gallons

The value of 1 cubic meter is equal to the 1000 liters exactly.

The value of 1 cubic meter is equal to the 35.3 cubic feet approximately.

The value of 1 cubic meter is equal to the 220 imperial gallons approximately.


Gallon is the unit of the measurement which is used to measure the volume and the fluid capacity, in the US customary and the British system both of the analysis. The gallon has three different sizes which are in currently uses; they are Imperial gallon, the US gallon, and the US dry gallon.

US liquid gallon:

The US liquid gallon is defined as the 231 cubic inches; the value is precisely 3.785411784 in liters. A US liquid gallon for the water weighs about the 8.34 pounds, and it is also equal to the 3.78 kg.

Imperial gallon:

The imperial gallon is defined as the 4.54609 liters exactly, which is used in some countries and it was based on the volume of the 10 pounds. The imperial fluid ounces is defined as equal to the 1/160 of the imperial gallon.

US dry gallon:

The US dry gallon measures the one eight of the US Winchester bushel of the 2 150.42 in the cubic inches. This value is exactly equal to the 268.8025 cubic inches.