cubic inches to cubic meters

The unit cubic inches is used for the measurement of the volume and in the imperial unit and the US customary unit of the system. This unit is the volume of the cube with the each of its three dimensions which are length, width, and the depth which is one inch. The unit cubic inches and the cubic foot are also used as the unit of the volume in the state of the US, the standard SI unit of the volume are liters, milliliters, and the cubic meter.

cubic inches to cubic meters

This unit is also used in the manufacturing and the high technology, where the value is equal to the 16.387 mL. The unit cubic inches was established as the conventional unit in North America for the measuring of the volume of the electrical boxes. The export of electrical equipment to the other countries are very extensive. This unit is mainly used by the automotive industries and the aircraft industries in North America which is used to express the displacement of the engine of the new automobiles, trucks, and the aircraft and many more.

Cubic meters:

The cubic meter is the SI derived unit which is used to measure the volume, the SI symbol of this unit is m^3. The unit cubic meter is the volume of the cube with the edges one meter in length, there is an alternative name which is allowed as different users with the metric prefix it was sometimes still used for the dry measure. The value of the one cubic meter is equal to the 1000 liters.


  •    The value of the one in^3 is equal to the 0.000016387064 m^3.
  •    The value of the two in^3 is equal to the 0.0000327741 m^3.
  •    The amount of the three in^3 is similar to the 0.0000491612 m^3.