cubic feet to cubic meter

The cubic foot is the unit of the volume, and the standard cubic foot is a measure of the quantity of the gas. The IEEE symbol is for the cubic foot per minute. There are two terms of this unit they are CFPM, CFM. The cubic feet of the per minute is used to measure the amount of the air which is delivered and it is commonly used in the metric system.

cubic feet to cubic meter

There are some larger multiples of this unit in the commerce and the industry in the USA they are CCF, HCF, MCF, MMCF, MMCFD, BCF, TMC, and TCF. The cubic foot per second the symbol is IEEE for the cubic foot per second, and the terms of this are cu ft/s, ft^3 / sec, CFS, and the cusec.

Cubic meter:

The unit cubic meter is used in the international bureau of weight and measure, the cubic meter is an SI derived unit of volume. The symbol of this cubic meter unit is m^3. This unit is the volume of a cube with the edges in the one-meter in the length. The cubic meter of pure water at a temperature which has maximum density and it is standard atmospheric pressure which has a mass of the 1000 kg. The freezing point of water is at cubic sea has a less mass, which is equal to the 999.972 kilograms.

Cubic decameters:

The volume of a cube which has a side length of one decameter which is equal to the megalitre.

1 dam^3 = 1000 m^3 = 1 ML

Cubic hectometer:

This has a volume of a cube of the side length for one hectometer is equal to the gigalitre.

1 hm^3 = 1000 000 m^3 = 1 GL