Celsius to Rankine

This article provides information related to conversion from Celsius to Rankine. Both scales are using for measuring temperature, where the majority of the world population widely uses the Celsius scale. Celsius scale used by the international

Celsius to Rankine

The system of Units. All the countries use it except the United States, the Bahamas, Belize, and Liberia. Also, Celsius and Kelvin have the same unit size, with the difference between scales set at 273 units.

Celsius is the most popular unit which is used in the temperature measurement, the best thing is that this is a moderate type of group and this unit can be used anywhere in a day to day life and even in the industries also.

1 Rankine is equal to -272.592 Celcius

1 Rankine is equal to  -458.676 Fahrenheit

1 Rankine is equal to   0.555556 Kelvin


first, we have to check the temperature T in degrees Celsius is equal to the temperature T in degrees Rankine min 273.15, times 9/5.

                                 The formula to convert Celsius to Rankine


                    T(temperature in Rankine) – 273.15*9/5 =T(temperature in Celsius)

For Example: here let’s take up an example to understand this properly

Convert 30 degrees Celsius to degrees Rankine

First, we put the 30 degrees Celsius in the above formula and do the appropriate computation to get the result.


T(temperature in Rankine)= 30(temperature in Celsius) + 273.15 * 9/5 = 545.67

Some more conversion which will help you to clear your concept.

1 degrees Celsius is equal to 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit

1 degrees Celsius is equal to 493.47 degrees Rankine

1 degrees Celsius is equal to 274.15 degrees Kelvin