Celsius to Kelvin

In this article, we explain the conversion from Celsius to Kelvin with the help of examples. Theoretically, anyone can teach you how to convert Celsius to Kelvin but here we explain how to convert Celsius into Kelvin with the help of examples which is given below. You must follow the instruction which was provided in this article this is very beneficial for you in the conversion factor.

Celsius to Kelvin

First, you have to know the formula of conversion which was mentioned below. Second, you have known which unit is converting in which unit. Third, you know the basic mathematical calculation this much is enough for conversion of Celsius into Kelvin.  

Kelvin is the SI unit of temperature measurement and it is mainly used in the experiment and labs, while Celsius is the unit which is widely used and has application in daily life as well as in industrial life.

Well, a Celsius is the amount of heat or temperature which is required to raise the temperature of pure water which is kept at room temperature by one degree. Or we can achieve that one degree Celsius is the amount of heat which is required to change the state of water which is kept at 0 degree Celsius

Here are the Examples to clear your concept regarding conversion Celsius to Kelvin:

Convert 20 degrees Celsius to Kelvin

 We first put the value of 20 degrees Celsius to the above formula and do the appropriate calculation to get the result.


          T(K) – 273.15=20(C)

The answer is 293.15 K.

Unit conversion is not a tough task; all you have to do is to pay your attention since these processes involve calculation and change of unit.