calories to kilojoules

The calories are the unit of the energy, the unit calorie is also called as the food calorie. The unit calorie is mainly used for the measurement of the foods; this unit is defined as the heat energy which is involved in the warming up 1 kg or kilogram of the water by the one degree Celsius. The small calories are defined as the heat energy to raise the temperature of 1 gram of the water. This unit is related to the metric system and it also has been considered in the science and the adoption of the SI system.

calories to kilojoules

The main SI unit of the energy is Joule, but the calorie unit is commonly used at the place of Joule. The unit large calorie is firstly defined by the Nicolas Clement in the year of 1824 as the unit of the heat energy. There are two most common definitions of this unit and they both definitions are mostly used.


The kilojoules are represented by the symbol kJ. The calories are essentially in the same thing but their scales are different. The unit kilojoules are the Australian measures of how much energy people get from the food and the drink.

The base unit of the unit kilojoules is joules and it is defined as the amount of the energy which is expanded in the applying of the force of one Newton from the distance of the one meter. The calories and the kilojoules are mainly known was that people who want to gain and lose their weight, because it is the representation of how many calories you want to take.