cal to kcal

The calorie is the most common and useful unit. It of the energy, today this unit is handy in the measurement of the energy. The calorie is the unit of the power which is defined as the amount of the energy which is required to increase the temperature of the 1 gram of water by the one degree Celsius. This unit referred to the small calorie or the gram calorie unit. The value of this unit is equal to the 4.1868 joules. The large calorie is known as the kilogram calorie which is technically known as the kilo-calorie. The amount of this unit is equal to one thousand little calories.

Cal to kcal

The kilo-calorie is also the unit of the energy which is defined by the calories and its value is equal to the 1000 calories or 4.1868 in kilojoules. The kilo-calorie is referred to as the massive calories or the food calories, and it is also mentioned sometimes to the calories, that can be ambiguous and the mistaken for all the little calories.


The kilo-calorie is generally considered as an obsolete unit of the energy, it is used along with the SI unit of the kilojoule and to measure food energy. In those countries where the international system of a unit is not adopted there, kilo-calorie is referred by the calories.


Here we have some values of calories and their conversion into kilo-calorie

  • The amount of the 0.1 Cal is equal to the 0.0001 kcal, the amount of the 1 Cal is equivalent to the 0.001 kcal
  • The value of the 3 Cal is similar to the 0.003, the value of the 5 Cal is equivalent to the 0.005 kcal
  • The amount of the 10 Cal is equivalent to the 0.01 kcal, the value of the 20 Cal is equal to the 0.02 kcal.