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A calorie is the unit of the energy which is defined by the amount of the power which is required to increase the temperature of 1 gram of the water by one degree Celsius. This unit is referred to as the small calorie or the gram calorie also. It is also equal to the 4.1868 joules, the SI unit of the energy. The large calorie is called the kilogram calorie, and it is known as kilo-calorie. The value of the kilo-calorie is equal to the one thousand of the small calorie. This is also sometimes referred to as by the only calorie. The large calorie is mainly used for the labeling of food only.

cal to J

The unit calorie is used with the international system of unit or SI, from the official adoption of the SI in the year 1960, the value of the calorie is considered as obsolete. The large calorie is mainly used for the food energy to the place of the SI unit it of the food energy. The central SI unit of the food energy is the kilojoule which is replaced by the kilo-calorie.


The joule is also the unit of the energy in the international system of the group, the joule is defined by the heat transferred to the object when 1 Newton force is applied to object in the direction of motion, from the one-meter distance. The joule is also defined by the energy which is dissipated as the heat when the 1-ampere electric current is passed through any resistance of the 1 ohm, in one second.


Here we can give some conversion of calorie to joule,

  • The value of the 0.01 Cal is the 0.04184 j,
  • The amount of the 0.1 Cal is equal to the 0.4184 j,
  • The amount of the 1 Cal is similar to the 4.184 j.