bytes to Kilobytes

If you are looking for a way to understand the concept of bytes and kilobytes, then you have come to right place, here in this section we will try to understand the idea of bytes and kilobytes and will try to learn how to convert between bytes to kilobytes. Here one thing to interesting to note is that reason why we need so many units for the same quantity. We need it since there is a different situation where we have to optimize the use of the group,

bytes to Kilobytes

Just in case of bytes unit cannot be used to show the size of an HD movie, this won’t be meaningful. Hence we use a different unit to measure the same quantity.

What are bytes?     

  •    Bytes is the unit of digital data and is one of the most used units of data.
  •    One byte of the unit is equal to 8 bits. Take a set of 8 combinations of on and offs and you can consider it is as one byte.
  •    There are small text files available in your PC; if you check the size of those files, you can get a clear idea of what a byte is.

What is Kilobytes?

  •    Kilobytes is the unit of digital data, one kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes, and hence if you check a file which is similar to one kB you can say that the size of the data is equal to 1024 bytes.
  •    Kilobytes is used in testing the speed of your internet,

Conversion, this section of the article is devoted to learning how to convert bytes to kilobytes.

  •    One kilobyte is equal to 1024 bytes, using this if you have a count of bytes and divide the count by 1024 you will get its kilobyte equivalent.