bytes to bits

This is the world of internet, daily there are many transactions which takes place in the digital form, digital data is one of the greatest inventions, every day there are many transactions which takes place, bytes and bits are the units which are widely used to measure data. The bit is the smallest unit which is used to measure data and bytes is the higher unit to measure digital data.

bytes to bits

Here this article all about bytes and bits will try to understand how we can convert bytes to bits at the end of this article.

What is a byte?  

  •    The best example we can get for byte is that; you can check your internet connection speed, it will be in terms of kbps or Mbps, test it in terms of bytes, this shows that the flow of data which is your PC Is gaining name of bytes.
  •    A byte is the amount of data which is equal to 8 bits.
  •    A byte has 8 positions which can be filled with either 1 value or 0 value.

What is a bit?

  •    The fantastic thing about a bit is that it is the smallest unit of digital data. Bits can have only two value, either it can have on the value, or it can have zero value, the best way to understand this is that you can take a bowl and a cup when bawling is in the container it is on cost, and when you get it out, it is of value.


  •    One bit is equal to 1/8th of a byte
  •    One byte is equal to 8 bits.  

Take the byte value and multiply it with 8, you will get the bit conversion of the byte.