How Big Is An Acre – Explained

An acre is a unit of measuring distance which was used in us conventional systems and imperial. It has a different value in different units such as, 1 acre= 1/640 of a square mile. 1 acre= 43,560 sq feet. 1 acre= 1 chain*1 furlong i.e.,( 66 by 660 feet) Etc. In some more comparisons, an acre is also equal to 4,047 m^2. And too, 40% of a hectare. It is statute measure in … [Read more...]

how many days in a year

So here we are, one thing we are going to talk about is, a day, a year and then how these are two things are linked. A day, being more specific exactly is the time duration In twenty-four hours. (How come?) Let see. Generally, the smallest unit of time is 1 second, sixty of which makes a “minute.” Sixty of these “minutes” makes an “hour” and again 24 of these “hours” … [Read more...]

how many weeks in a year

In this section, we are intended to understand how many weeks are possible in a complete year. Here we will start our discussion by following what a week is? And then we will try to understand what a year is? And finally, we will end up to our forum at comparing both the units together. Before we start your discussion, this is important to understand the concept we are using … [Read more...]

how many seconds in a year

The answer to this question is straightforward. You don’t need to use any calculator or so to do the thing. Here in section, we will not only try to find out the answer for how many seconds in a year but in addition to this, we will try to understand the concept of seconds an idea of the year. And after which we will provide you equation using which you will not only be able to … [Read more...]

how many weeks in a month

Weeks and month are the units which are used in the calendar to measure time. The main differences between both the groups is that week consist of 7 days and a month include 30 days In general. Here in this article first we will try to get the idea about what is a month and what is a week means and finally we will end our discussion at comparing between weeks and month. Before … [Read more...]