bits to mbps

The bits are used in the telecommunications and computer networks, it is used for the measurement of the speed, and the bit is the rate of the data transfer which is the rate of average number of the bit, characters and the blocks per unit of the time which is passing between the equipment of the data transmission systems.

bits to mbps

The value of the one kbps is equal to the 1000 bits per second. The unit bits are used in the binary system of the store to transmit the data, this unit is also like as the internet connection speed or the quality of the scale, and it is also used for the audio and the video recording. The unit bits is mainly represented as the 1.8 bit which makes a byte. A unit bit is one of the most useful fundamental units which is used in computer technology.

The Mbps is the short notation or the short form of the megabits per second, the Mbps is the unit of the transferred data or the stored digital information, this unit is also used in the information and computer technology, the value of the Mbps in the international system of the unit is equal to the 1000000 byte. Today the megabyte is one of the most critical groups which is used for representing the size of the MP3 files and the JPEG images and it is also used in so many fields.

Here we provide you some conversion of the universal values of the bit into the megabit per second (Mbps).


  •    The value of the 1000 bit is equal to the 0.000125 Mbps.
  •    The amount of the 2000 bit is similar to the 0.00025 Mbps.
  •    The value of the 3000 bit is equal to the 0.000375 Mbps.
  •    The value of the 4000 bit is equal to the 0.0005 Mbps.