bits to bytes

Here in this article, we are intended to learn about bits and bytes and understand how to convert between bits and bytes. In today’s worlds in which internet everywhere and since digital data is everywhere, the information which is going to be the king in up-coming time,

bits to bytes

a bit is the smallest unit in which data is measured, and the byte is the next higher unit.

What are bits?

  •    Bits is the smallest unit of measuring data, a bit can have only two value it can be zero or it can be one. The digital data has been stored in binary language, it is either on, or it is off.


  •    Bits are very smallest, it a particular file there are a massive amount of bits. The successor of bits is kilobits, megabits, etc.

What is a Bytes?

  •    Bytes is another unit which is used to measure memory. One byte is equal to 8 bits, or in simple words when you take a set of 8 bytes, these set of 8 on or offs will make a byte.


  •    Bytes Is the unit of data, which is one of the most critical groups, the successor of bits are kilobytes, megabytes, etc.   



Here in this section of the article, we will give you equation, using that equation you can convert bits to bytes

  •    One bit is equal to 1/8 bytes
  •    One byte is equal to 8 bits.

Now to convert, all you have to do is consider how many bits are there and then divide the number of bits by 8 bytes.

Here one thing to note is that conversion of one unit to another is bit concentrating, pay your attention while you are converting one group to other.