BHP to kW

A BHP is the short form of the British horsepower; here the horsepower is the unit of the power, which means the rate at which the work is done. In the system of British imperial, the value of the one horsepower is equal to the 33000-foot pounds of the work per minute. The value of the horsepower unit is adopted by the Scottish engineer James watt; he is also the founder of the unit watt.

bhp to kw

In the one horsepower, the electronic equivalent is 74+6 watts in the international system of the units. The unit horsepower is the output shaft of the engine, turbines and any other machines like this. The horsepower is larger for the reciprocating engines. The pressure of the cylinders also determines the value of this.


A kilowatt is a unit of the energy, and the value of this unit of energy is equal to the 3.6 mega Joule. When this energy is transmitted and if it is used at the constant rate in the period of the time, there are two terms of this unit which are power and energy mainly we are confused between both these terms. This unit is primarily used for the billing unit of the energy which is delivered to the consumers by the electric utilities.

The kilowatt is the non-SI metric system unit, it is the unit of the energy, and the symbol of this unit is kW. In the international system of the unit, the kilowatt is derived by the unit which is commonly known as Joule. The unit of the time is an hour outside the SI unit. A kilowatt-hour is a composite unit of the energy which is equivalent to one kilowatt.