Area Converter

Concept of area

the measurement of total space in a flat surface is termed an area, now in order to understand this let us consider two sheets of paper now we can have the idea the total area we have is equal to the twice the area we have of a single paper, here we have calculated area in terms of a unit of area which is equal to single paper.

The area can also be understood as the total amount of space we have on a 2-dimensional surface, here one this to note this is that area is only for a two-dimensional surface which we can calculate by multiplying the sides for a particular surface

Area Converter

the easiest way to get the idea of what is area is by considering a surface, now the amount of or the measure of space any particular 2-dimensional shape is occupying is considered as the area of the particular surface. The area of any particular surface depends on the type of surface it is.

Different shapes have their own way by which we can calculate their area, just in case if we have rectangles with us then in order to calculate their area we have to multiply length and breadth of the surface.


The basic unit which is used to measure the area is in terms of square units. Suppose if we consider length has 4 unit and breathe as 2 unit then by multiplying the area we have 8 unit of area in total, now suppose if we have a length in units like 4 m and 2 m length and breadth respectively then we have 8 (mxm) meter square area in total. Here if you are going to calculate area then the most important thing which you have to consider is all the dimensions should be in the same SI unit

In addition to this, there are many units in which area can be denoted, like feet square, kilometer square etc.

How to convert units

Other than standard SI unit there are many units which are available for area notations, so one should know to convert different area unit into different area units. In order to understand let’s take up an example, we have to calculate land area in terms of acres and hectares, now one of the best ways to convert one unit into another unit is by using google search engine, this fact is little known in which Google provides feature using which you can convert units from one another

Now if you use google translator, you can convert 300 sq ft in sqm, 300 sq. ft. will be converted to 27.87 square meters  

How to calculate the area for commonly used surfaces?

  1. rectangle                      area = lxb where l is length and b is the breath
  2. square                           area=SxS where S is the measure of side
  3. Triangle                        area= bxh/2 where b is the measure of breath and his one height
  4. parallelogram             area= SxH, where s is the measure of side and his the measure of height
  5. Rhombus                     area = SxS, where s is the measure of side
  6. circle                            area += r2, where r is the radius and pie is a constant which is equal to 3.14